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we are the moores

just a couple of them.


our life.

We’re Iowa based photographers who love to have a good time. We first coupled at the ripe age of 15 + 16, but we met long before. We actually found a photo of us from preschool! It’s true, we really like each other. On lazy days we cozy up with our snuggly cat, Louise, in our sunny home. We enjoy being outside + spending time with people we love. Let’s meet and get tacos!


what emily says about andy

Andy is smart, witty,
kind hearted, + loyal.

He is a collector of knowledge + shares everything he knows with anyone who asks. Seriously, he’s a smart dude.

He loves hazy IPA’s + will try any type of beer. He can’t resist a french fry + makes a fancy cup of coffee every morning.

He keeps me grounded, mows the lawn, + knows me better than anyone in the entire world.


what andy says about emily

Emily is passionate, cheerful,
encouraging, + creative (sometimes messy).

She can make friends with anyone she meets. She’s a great listener + always has a shoulder to lean on if talking isn’t your thing.

She loves making art + dreaming about her next project. You might also find her rewatching her favorite shows or reading about the enneagram.

She always brightens my day, loves to help, + and if she’s reading this she’s probably crying.